Our Vision
We build software that puts clinical research knowledge into practice.

Lumedi is designed from the ground up based on the principles of a Learning Health System.

In a learning health system, research influences practice and practice influences research. This creates a continuous feedback loop that prioritizes patient outcomes and leads to faster innovation.

Over 800,000 medical studies are conducted in North America every year, and yet the majority of medical data is not reusable. Poor data quality, lack of standardization, and teams working in silos prevent research from impacting patient care.

Our integrated platform allows meaningful data collection and sharing with other researcher, front end health care professionals, caregivers, and patients.

We created a productive and collaborative environment, to promote frequency of use, so that we can drive patient outcomes faster.

We believe that when research is shared it influences practice, and that proactive practice can influence further meaningful research.

We can all play a part in changing our thinking from a ‘sickness’ to a ‘wellness’ society.

Lumedi’s part is to provide researchers the platform to make that happen.

Our History

Lumedi’s parent company, Webility Solutions, has developed health care software for over 10 years. We have worked with many research organizations building data collection tools, reporting & analysis software, medical device data capture systems, medical education platforms, and patient recruitment tools.

We believe that clinical research teams are often under-served by the existing software platforms available today, especially for longitudinal studies that track developmental trajectories and seek to inform clinical care.

Our platforms have been used by pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, medical education companies, and medical device manufacturers. Lumedi is meant to supplement all that with a new platform built from the ground up to focus on a learning health care model system. In doing so, we hope to empower researchers on the leading edge of health care innovation today.

Lumedi launched in December 2019.


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