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We are a complete solutions provider, creating APIs for custom integrations, medical devices, and data migration. We can even help get you started and manage your documents.

Study & Questionnaire setup on the Lumedi EDC

Questionnaires and other structured instruments are used in many clinical research studies to collect participant data. Lumedi EDC allows researchers to set-up and administer study specific questionnaires with a user-friendly questionnaire builder and over 25 different question types to choose from.

Integration with EMR or other software system

Electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs) are systems used to capture patient encounters in the health care system. The Lumedi EDC platform was developed to enable EMR/EHR integration and our team has experience integrating with multiple EMRs and EHRs used in health systems in Ontario. Customizations involving EMR and EHR can be discussed with a Lumedi customer service representative.

E-Patient Consent

Participant or patient consent is an important element for clinical research studies, however the traditional approach to getting consent is time-consuming and adds time demands on research staff. The E-Patient Consent feature on Lumedi EDC allows patient’s to electronically fill and sign clinical research consent forms, which are stored directly on the platform, reducing burden administration staff of the research team.

Case Management & Secure Document Storage

Clinical users can use Lumedi EDC as a complete case management system, including secure and compliant document storage of sensitive files.

Custom development or reporting

Lumedi EDC is a customizable software package which allows users to build their study the way they want, including some data visualization features. For additional features or data visualization styles, the Lumedi EDC customer service team provides a friendly experience to add these features at an affordable cost.

Data Migration from Current Systems

Lumedi EDC provides data migration from other clinical research electronic data capture (EDC) systems, such as REDCap.

Integration to Medical Devices, Internet of Things, and Wearables

Clinical trials and research studies can be used to assess medical devices or utilize medical devices and other wearables as part of the study methodology. The Lumedi EDC development team has experience with integration of medical device data in real-time. Customizations involving medical devices or wearables can be discussed with a Lumedi customer service representative.