COVID-19 Community Watch

Lumedi Inc. Launches the COVID-19 Community Watch Site/App to Help Flatten The Curve

In partnership with the Hamilton Academy of Medicine, Lumedi Inc, a Hamilton Ontario based technology company has developed a website/app to help flatten the Covid-19 curve in their very own community at no cost to the city or the users.

Washing hands and social distancing is not enough. Early detection will help flatten the curve.

"We believe that everyone must do everything they can in their own community to help stop the spread of COVID-19. For us it meant putting our faithful team to work to create an app that is proactive in identifying COVID-19 information BEFORE it hits the health care system, rather than being reactive. Most of our staff live and work in this community, and we want to ensure, they and all Hamiltonians remain healthy and viable during this unprecedented time."

Jamie Harsevoort, Founder and CEO of Lumedi Inc.

This app will provide key insights to help local health authorities:

  • Detect changing trends BEFORE they affect our health care system
  • Identify 'hotspots' where COVID-19 may be actively spreading
  • Assess how COVID-19 is impacting our community
  • Identify trends several days before the hospital starts seeing this in incoming patients
  • Assess risks neighborhood, by neighborhood.

How this works:
Lumedi is asking Hamiltonians to complete a 30 second survey once a day and every-day during the crisis at: In doing so, the app will be able to immediately identify trends that have changed, as well as break down the data to the neighborhood level to see if there are hotspots within the community that our local health authorities can act on.

So, please help spread the word. The site is at

Please share on your social media, tell your friends, family, colleagues, etc. We need to act now to make a difference.

"Dear Patients, friends and Hamiltonians working together we can make a difference. With your help, we can identify areas that are at high risk and get help where help is most needed!! Be Safe"

Dr. Rick Tytus, Family Doctor at Steel City Medical, Associate Professor of Family Medicine McMaster

Contact info:
Jamie Harsevoort, Founder and CEO of Lumedi Inc.

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