When you work with Lumedi you benefit from:

Collaboration Made Easy

Made for unlimited users and multi-site trials that can securely share documents with participants & stakeholders.

Cloud Based

Say goodbye to antiquated data collection systems that lock you down to one site with lots of red tape

Excellent Risk Management
  • Proactively identify issues, trends, and anomalies at every step of the clinical trial process
  • Responsive to evolving study requirements and regulatory guidelines
  • Benefit from a single source of truth for all study-related data

Professional Support
  • Responsive technical support
Platform Training
  • Complete training available or we build it for you
Additional Services & Custom Integrations
  • Custom APIs to facilitate integration
  • APIs with medical and electronic devices
  • Integration with EMRs and EHRs
  • Efficient and supported data migration
  • Flexible platform
  • Fast study setup

Device Integrations

  • Flexibility of the platform allows almost any integration.
Secure and Compliant

Secure and Compliant

Fully compliant with U.S. and Canadian privacy regulations.

Longitudinal Study Support
Longitudinal Study Support

Collect data over multiple timepoints easily in longitudinal panel and cohort projects.

Participant Outcomes
Faster Participant Outcomes

Improve outcomes by closing the gap between researchers and clinicians, participants and patients.

Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

Lumedi specializes in creating APIs for custom integrations, including with medical devices and EMRs/EHRs, and supports efficient data migration.

Collaboration Made Easy
Collaboration Made Easy

Securely share documents with participants and stakeholders in single or multisite trials with no restrictions on the number of users.

Simple / Powerful
Simple and Powerful

Build advanced trials and questionnaires in less than a day.

Participant Reported Outcomes

Collect real-time health outcomes directly from participants using ePROs.