Frequently Asked Questions


Lumedi EDC has U.S. and Canadian hosting environments. All data for U.S customers is stored on servers physically residing in the U.S., and all data for Canadian customers is stored on servers physically located in Canada. Continuous point-in-time backups are taken that prevent any risk to data loss. More information on our hosting is available upon request.
At Lumedi Inc., security of customer and patient information is very important. This is reflected through our policies and procedures, as well as contingency measures taken, which follow Information security & privacy regulations, including U.S. and Canadian privacy regulations for personal health information
Lumedi EDC allows for the deleting of patient/participant records since participants have the right to have their information removed. However, in order to follow formal auditing procedures outlined by personal health information regulations, we need to retain an audit log of the personal identifiable information removed (e.g. study ID).


Yes, we allow (and encourage) researchers to publish their study templates or questionnaires to a central repository, and allow all Lumedi EDC users to browse and use the shared questionnaires.
Currently, Lumedi EDC’s user interface (UI) is only available in English. However, adding support for additional languages is part of our future plans and we anticpate this to be available by the end of 2020.
Yes, one of the main benefits of having a cloud-based electronic data capture system, like Lumedi EDC, is to enable collaboration. Lumedi EDC’s cloud based, web application can be accessed from anywhere by an authorized user. Within Lumedi there are also customizable role features to allow users to view data from multiple sites.
Lumedi EDC enables researchers to schedule patient interactions at the patient or study group level through a customizable scheduling feature. Lumedi EDC also supports the ability to send study interactions (i.e. questionnaires, patient reported measures) through email and through the Lumedi phone application, which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Lumedi EDC supports multiple methods of integrating with EMR systems. We support importing of CSV files directly into your study, and the system will generate a CSV template for any of your questionnaires. We also support the HL7/FHIR data standards, and have a full API that can be used for custom integrations.
Lumedi EDC is a web application which can be accessed from anywhere with internet access using your Lumedi EDC login. The Lumedi EDC user interface (UI) has been optimized for the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Edge/Explorer and mobile browsers on iOS and Android phones and tablets.
Yes, we have done several device integrations to the Lumedi EDC platform.
Study data can be exported to CSV and Excel from your Lumedi EDC study.


Our customers maintain full ownership of all information they upload to Lumedi EDC.
Yes, Lumedi EDC is compliant with all U.S. and Canadian regulations for the collection and storage of personally identifiable health care information.

Training and support

Lumedi EDC was designed for new users to be able to build a study within hours of starting their service with Lumedi EDC. However, new customers will be provided with an online manual and our technically & medically educated support team is available through email.
Technical email support is included in the service of Lumedi EDC. If you would like more personalized support, please contact us for more information.
Yes. Contact us if you would like information on how we can setup your study for you.