Powerful, Simple & Collaborative

In a Learning Health Care System, research influences practice and practise influences research. Our software supports everything you need to collaborate and do research well.

Collaboration Made Easy

Made for unlimited users and multi-site trials that can securely share documents with participants & stakeholders, with centralized user management.

Longitudinal Study Support

Easy for longitudinal panel, cohort & retrospective studies to collect observational data over multiple timepoints.

Simple and Powerful

Build advanced clinical research trials in less than a day rather than months.

Faster Patient Outcomes

Work collaboratively with clinical practitioners to improve patient outcomes.

Optimized For IOS and Android

Supports desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Created In Canada

Lumedi EDC has U.S. and Canadian hosting environments. U.S customers are stored on servers physically residing in the U.S., and all data for Canadian customers are stored on servers physically located in Canada.

Cloud Based

Accessible from anywhere.


Learn from the 'Learning Hub' and self-guided 'LEARN' buttons throughout the application, so you can confidently go it alone.

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Professional support is always available through email and allows us to get the answers you need from the right team member.

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All Inclusive Pricing

No nickel and diming for each add on feature. Our entire platform is included in your pricing.

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Additional Services/Custom Integrations

We create APIs for custom integrations, medical devices, and data migration.

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Secure and Compliant

  1. We are fully compliant with U.S. and Canadian privacy regulations for personal health information
  2. Encrypted communication
  3. Transparent data encryption at rest
  4. Built-in protection of identifiable information
  5. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit
  6. Secure document storage
  7. Disaster recovery support
  8. Autosave
  9. Continuous backups
  10. 99.98% uptime
  11. Enforced strong passwords

Data Entry, Management and Accessibility

  1. Custom dashboards
  2. Field-based statistics
  3. Audit trails
  4. Cloud-based
  5. Printable eCRF
  6. Import and export data as CSV
  7. Export structure as XML, Excel, SPSS
  8. Automatic data saving
  9. Real-time calculations
  10. Instant data validation
  11. File attachments

Questionnaires/Curated & Advanced Questionnaire Builder

  1. Send/resend questionnaire invitations
  2. Immediate data saving
  3. Schedule questionnaire
  4. Encrypted email addresses
  5. Compile questionnaire packages
  6. Automated sending
  7. Repeated time-points
  8. Send patients a secure questionnaire link
  9. Create trials using pre-built, curated templates
  10. Setup complex questionnaire workflows and scoring
  11. Collect unlimited data points
  1. Pre-schedule questionnaires
  2. Automated sending
  3. Repeated time-points
  4. Advanced questionnaire builder
  5. eCRF construction
  6. 20+ field types
  7. Data validation
  8. Advanced calculations
  9. Flexible forms
  10. Automatic scoring