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Unlike our competitors, we created Lumedi EDC after Learning Health Care Models, rather than focussing on pharma. Our platform is built to support you, your team, and your research.

Academic Institutions/Universities

Academic research is focussed on discovering a research goal or question and can involve multiple factors. Some academic research studies involve patients and investigate patient-centred goals. The Lumedi EDC platform provides a secure and compliant way to collect high quality data from patients at an affordable and budget conscious cost.

Clinical Registries and Specialty Clinics

Clinical specialty clinics provide health care to a defined population (ex. Rheumatology) and conduct translational research studies to discover ways to improve care for patients. Lumedi EDC is web-based software platform which allows clinicians to collect electronic patient outcome information directly in clinics or from their homes.

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)

Contract research organizations are companies which provide research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. Lumedi EDC is a web-based software platform built to collect patient data for studies with multiple research sites and any patient population size.

Integrated Health Networks and Hospitals

Integrated Health Networks and Hospitals provide care to many patients with different conditions. To provide the best quality care, clinical scientists in health networks conduct patient centred studies to discover methods to improve care. Lumedi EDC is a web-based software platform which allows clinicians to collect patient reported outcomes in a secure and compliant manner to identify problems to improve in patient care.

Medical Devices and Diagnostic Organizations

Regulatory bodies enforce medical devices and diagnostics to undergo clinical trials for their market approval and post-market release analysis. Lumedi EDC is a unique cloud-based platform and medically compliant data collection platform which can be directly connected to medical devices and other systems for efficient data management during clinical trials.